Canada US border closed

Canada and US experts held a meeting to discuss the re-opening border and remove the travel restrictions. After discussion, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed the decision on Twitter. He announced that non-essential travel between Canada and the U.S. will be restricted for another 30 days. The leaders of both countries offered various recommendations to re-open the Canada-US border.

COVID-19 may pose a serious risk to public health hence they are trying to avoid resuming non-essential travel until the situation turns out to be better. “’Eventually, but not for today,’ Trudeau told reporters about reopening the Canada-US border.”

“Experts discussed issues around the border closure with the Wilson Task Force, a non-partisan group charged with studying how to re-open the Canada-US border. Task Force members include former politicians, Jean Charest and Anne McLellan from Canada, as well as Christine Gregoire and James Douglas from the US” according to CIC News.

The travel restrictions across Canada and the US border have affected the communities and the Panelists disclosed the important initial information collected during the previous year. Moreover, the consensus of all members was to use a scientific approach supported by the public opinion to re-open the border.

By establishing a bilateral commission, they are planning to eradicate US-Canada border issues. “Just like we had a 9/11 commission we should have a Canada-US commission that could go on both sides of the border and see what can we do together to achieve the greatness of our people,” said Matt Morrison, CEO of Pacific NorthWest Economic Region.

Border re-opening solutions would also need acceptance by the public. As per the recent poll by Angus Reid Institute, the majority of Canadians do not want the border to re-open for non-essential travel.

Source: CIC News

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  • March 24, 2022

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