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The top universities of Canada welcome an abundance of students from across the globe. Canada has become one of the prime destinations to pursue further studies in the field of business management, medical, law, engineering, and information technology. Canadian universities continue to attract international students due to their excellent teaching methods and intensive research. The students who want to get admission to one of the best universities in Canada can check the ranking of Canadian universities and then select the appropriate one for their higher education in Canada.

The assessment of universities is done on the basis of their academic research performance and by an association of scholars from around the globe. The ranking of the top universities of Canada is given below.

The Best Universities in Canada for International Students

1. University of Manitoba

Ranking in Canada: 15
Global ranking: 387

Description: The University of Manitoba was established in 1877, and is located on the original lands of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation. It is home to around 29,000 students. The University provides a wide range of courses for both undergraduates and graduates.

2. Université Laval

Ranking in Canada: 14
Global ranking: 354

Description: It was the very first French-language university in North America. It was first established as an institute in 1663 and later became a university in 1852. The university has graduated more than 326,000 students over time and is home to approximately 28,662 students. The university provides more than 550 programs for graduates and undergraduates.

3. University of Victoria

Ranking in Canada: 13
Global ranking: 334

Description: Victoria College was established in 1903 and obtained its degree-granting status in 1963. The university is home to around 22,000 students. It ranks number 1 among Canadian comprehensive universities for preparing career-ready students (2019 Times Higher Education Global University Employability Ranking). This university provides various courses for graduates and undergraduates. It offers 80+ courses which include Education and Family; People and Society; Physical Sciences; Engineering, Math and Technology; Environment and Sustainability etc.

4. Dalhousie University

Ranking in Canada: 12
Global ranking: 317

Description: The University is situated in Nova Scotia and was bought into being in 1818. It is home to about 16,000 students. Various degrees for Undergraduates and Graduates are provided. Some of the unique courses that the university offers are Architecture, Costume Studies, Community Design, Environment, Sustainability and Society, International Food Business, and Landscape Architecture.

5. Simon Fraser University

Ranking in Canada: 11
Global ranking: 313

Description: The University was founded in 1965 and is home to around 27,000 students. The university offers Bachelor’s degree in Environment, Arts and science. The Faculty provides Masters and Doctoral degrees in Archaeology, Ecological Restoration, Heritage Management, Geography, Resource and Environmental Management and Resource and Environmental Management.

6. Western University

Ranking in Canada: 10
Global ranking: 294

Description: Home to around 28,300 students the western university was founded in 1878. The university offers a diploma in Clinical Trials Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Not-for-Profit Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management, Pedorthics, and Public Relations. Western University provides a diversity of outstanding resources for students to invest in their personal and professional growth.

7. University of Calgary

Ranking in Canada: 9
Global ranking: 246

Description: The University of Calgary was made an autonomous university in 1966 after being separated from the University of Alberta. Around 33,000 students are enrolled in the university. It offers 170 degrees across 65 graduate programs and over 100 undergraduate programs.

8. University of Waterloo

Ranking in Canada: 8
Global ranking: 166

Description: The University of Waterloo was founded in 1957. It is home to 33,613 students. The university offers courses related to applied health sciences, arts, engineering, environment, math and science. It is a public research university.

9. University of Ottawa

Ranking in Canada: 7
Global ranking: 162

Description: It was founded in 1848 and is now home to around 35,800 students. It is the largest bilingual university in the world and provides over 450 undergraduate and graduate courses.

10. University of Alberta

Ranking in Canada: 6
Global ranking: 125

Description: Situated in Edmonton, the University of Alberta was founded in 1908 and most of the students are undergraduates. The university offers a variety of courses such as engineering, arts, business and medicine. English is the main language for conversation and teaching except in a few cases.

11. University of Montreal

Ranking in Canada: 5
Global ranking: 88

Description: The University of Montreal was formed in 1919 after being liberated from the Université Laval de Québec. The university is home to about 36,500 students. The foremost language of instruction is French, whereas, doctoral programs in biochemistry, neurosciences, and pharmacology accept English-speaking students.

12. McMaster University

Ranking in Canada: 4
Global ranking: 80

Description: The University is situated in Hamilton, Ontario. It was founded in 1887. There are mainly six academic divisions which are Health Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Degroote School of Business. English is the prime language used.

13. McGill University

Ranking in Canada: 3
Global ranking: 44

Description: Situated in Quebec, the university was founded in 1821. The University offers profound research in law, management, medicine, dentistry, music arts, education, science agriculture, and environmental science. The language medium is mainly English.

14. University of British Columbia

Ranking in Canada: 2
Global ranking: 37

Description: Ranking among the top 50 universities of the world the University of British Columbia was established in 1908. The university is divided into two main campuses- the Vancouver campus which provides more than 24 academic divisions and the Okanagan campus which has 8 divisions. It is home to around 56,920 students.

15. University of Toronto

Ranking in Canada: 1
Global ranking: 18

Description: The rank of the university lies among the top 20 universities of the world. The University of Toronto was founded in 1827. The university offers more than 200 Master’s and Doctoral programs and more than 700 undergraduate programs. It is home to more than 75,820 students among which the majority of them are undergraduates.

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