Best tips for US visa interview

US visa interview is an integral part of the US visa process hence if you are intending to visit the US due to personal or professional reasons, you need to appear at Visa Application Center (VAC) and interview at the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate. In case, you already have started your visa process and are ready to appear for an interview, go through our best tips for a US visa interview that will surely increase your chances of getting a US visa.

When you appear for the interview, the visa officer determines whether you are eligible or not to enter the US for a particular purpose, therefore, you need to respond to the queries carefully and honestly. Satisfying a visa officer is a bit difficult task, but it’s not rocket science, so you just pay some attention to our USA visa interview tips that are intended to help you to prepare for an interview scheduled at the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate.

Best Tips for Successful US Visa Interview

Language Skills

Well, the first thing that you need to keep in your mind for your visa interview is that you are strictly advised to communicate in English only. As the majority of the US population speaks the English language, the visa officers just want to check whether you will be able to converse properly in the US or not. If you want to communicate in your mother tongue, an interpreter would be there during your US visa interview who would help to wipe out the language barrier between you and the visa officer. Choosing another language during the interview doesn’t mean that you will not get the visa but if you choose the English language, the chances of positive results are more.

Right Attitude

The right attitude plays a great role in your interview. A positive attitude not only covers the polite manner of talking but also refers to your positive body language. While having the conversation with the visa officer, sit straight and don’t forget to have eye contact with the interviewer. You are advised to show how grateful you are for this wonderful opportunity.

Appropriate Attire

For the day of the US visa interview, it is extremely important to present yourself in a good manner. Therefore, you should wear a well-ironed and decent dress. Choosing an awkward dress or accessory can distract the visa officer and impose a negative impact, which may resultantly lead to the refusal of your visa.

Proving Ties to Home Country

The country needs to maintain its reputation, so the duty of the interviewers is to analyze carefully that you will not be a threat to the US Immigration policy in the near future. Therefore, you need to assure them that you have a genuine intention and a valid purpose for visiting the US. The visa officer must be satisfied with your answers and believe that you will come back to your home country within a specified period.

Respond Honestly

The US visa officer will ask you various questions related to your personal & professional profile, family, intended travel to the US, and more. You need to give all the answers honestly as fake replies can lead to the rejection of a US visa or even a ban to entry into the US. You should present the facts without any alteration.

Dependents Living in Home Country

If your parents or spouse and children are staying in your home country, instead of accompanying you to the US, then the officers may raise the question: how will they manage in your absence? Here, a few points are focused on and need to respond carefully. The most important question is who is earning in the family other than you? In case you are the primary source of income and all other members are dependents and can’t survive without your support, the visa officer may deny your request for a US visa. You need to respond smartly during such a situation.

Know your Purpose for Travel

Do have detailed knowledge regarding the purpose for which you are going to the US? Through this question, the officers are interested in acquiring details from you about your true purpose to apply for a US visa. So, before going to the interview, do thorough research on the purpose of your travel. You should have clear thoughts about your travel plans and the opportunities you are intending to explore.

Brief Answers

It is very important to answer all the queries in a precise manner. The interview will be quick and short; therefore, you need to have a clear picture of all the questions in your mind prior to the interview so that you can provide back-to-back answers quickly without wasting the time.

Complete Documents

You need to carry all the necessary documents arranged in an organized way. By doing so, you can show the officers how passionate you are about exploring this opportunity and it will also be easier for the officers to take a quick glance at your documents. But if you have arranged the documents in a haphazard manner then chances are there that the officer may get irritated with your presentation of documents which can lead to your visa rejection.

Do keep in mind that the interviewers are skilled professionals who can judge you right from the point of time you enter the interview hall. So, maintain a positive and confident attitude towards them. We are sure that by following these simple US visa interview tips, you will definitely be able to clear your interview.

Don’t forget to share your visa interview experience with me and the audience. We would love to hear from you that how you tackle various questions asked during the interview.

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