Best countries to study abroad

We understand that you have a deep urge inside you to study abroad not only for enhancing your academic performance but also for improving additional skills like social, language, and personality development. And surely for that purpose, you want to choose the best country that can help in your overall growth. Here we present you with the best countries to study abroad in the world. All of these countries are considered to be the best study destinations when you aspire to grow academically as well as professionally.

Best Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students


Canada is amongst the most preferred countries by international students. The universities and colleges of Canada welcome international students wholeheartedly. An affordable tuition fee structure is an important aspect that makes Canada the best study destination for students who want to pursue their higher education in the top institutions. If you opt for Canada for higher studies, you can gain more than your expectations. Here you can learn from the experts in your field and all the guidance you need for your research work will be provided by professionals. The country has a peaceful and lively environment that ensures your safety. And the cultural diversity of this country will definitely help in your overall growth.


Being one of the most popular countries to study abroad, the United Kingdom attracts international students from different corners of the world. UK universities are ranked among the top universities of the world and also demand higher tuition fees as compared to Canada. But in order to take your career to heights, the universities of the UK provide great opportunities to develop your knowledge and critical thinking skills. Additionally, you will also get a chance to study and develop connections with scholars from all over the world.

New Zealand

For high-quality education, New Zealand is also a great option. Here you will get world-class knowledge and skills. The educational institutions of the country have a higher focus on research-based training that will challenge your brain to its highest level. Therefore, you can say that you will have a fun learning experience by paying a nominal tuition fee. New Zealand is a country with an abundance of study & work opportunities hence not only just Indians but also other nationals prefer to choose New Zealand for further education.

As the weather of New Zealand is soothing due to the average temperature during the summers and winters, it is crowned to be the best country for Indian students to study and work. If you hesitate to live in a too cold or hot country, you can go with this option without much thinking.


World-class education, excellent quality of living, amazing lifestyle, and matchless opportunities make Australia the best choice for international students. Australian universities are renowned for their exceptional methods of teaching and research, therefore, if you want outstanding academic experience, choose to study in Australia.

After the completion of higher education in Australia, you can get plenty of opportunities around the world as the diplomas and degrees obtained from Australian universities are globally recognized.

You would have a choice of studying in one of the 37 top universities in Australia and you would amaze to know that as per the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2021, six Australian universities feature in the top 100 universities in the world. Thus, Australian education offers you much more than you expect.

United States

If you pursue your higher education in the United States, it would be a great academic achievement that will definitely pay during your entire life. The United States is proud to be the home to 8 of the top 10 universities in the world. Internationally recognized prestigious universities of the United States offer innovative classrooms, the highest academic standards, cultural diversity, vibrant campus life, a myriad of courses and programs, and customized support to international students. Choose to Study in the US and experience a unique higher education system along with lots of academic as well as post-studies opportunities.


Prestigious universities, cutting-edge research, hi-tech classrooms, exceptional & welcoming culture, and the world-class education system of Japan attract international students worldwide. Japan is indeed a desiring study destination for the students of different fields especially information technology.

Expand your international perspective by choosing Japan to study abroad. According to Times Higher World University Rankings 2021, The University of Tokyo and Kyoto University have a rank of 36 and 54 respectively. You may prefer to study in a nation that’s popular for its technological advancement.


Germany is also a center of attraction for international students due to its unbeatable education system. The Universities of Germany offer excellent teaching and research resources. A globally recognized degree from a reputed university in Germany will help you to stand out in your career. Also, you will gain intellectual abilities and great personality skills that will help you in your professional growth throughout your life. You must wonder to know that 11 out of the 16 states in Germany demand no tuition fees. If you qualify, you can obtain a benefit of scholarship possibilities in Germany.


If you are someone who wants to enjoy the scenic beauty of lush green fields, castles, and a vibrant lifestyle along with higher education, then Ireland is the best destination. The Irish government maintains the quality of education with the latest technological and innovative methods to study. Moreover, after completing your studies, you can get the opportunity to work in the world’s leading companies.


If you are looking for a calm place where you can enhance your creativity in your field while having a quality education, then Norway is the best fit for you. Norway is a bit expensive but you can manage your finances easily. Studying in Norway can be a rewarding experience as you will not only get a globally recognized degree from a reputed college but also an opportunity of staying close to nature. Norway opens the doors to international students and also ensures the best safety measures for the students.


Some of the universities of Italy like the University of Bologna, The University of Padua, and The University of Naples are the oldest in Europe as well as in the World. Here you will get vast knowledge in your field and also you will get to know the historic facts of Europe. If you want more than just an academic life, then Italy opens the arms to welcome you to explore its diversity, beauty, culture, and history.

Well, after exploring the list of top countries to study abroad, you must have selected the favorite destination for your higher studies. Regardless of the country you choose, one thing is sure, you will definitely be a person having an outstanding academic record that’s essential for a bright professional life.

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